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‘iCon Café’, available for all tenants & visitors alongside catering for any event


The Street

Perfect for exhibitions, trade fairs and networking events, the ‘Street’ is a unique and memorable event space. It runs through the centre of the building, and is a key feature of the Icon’s eco -friendly design. It has an ETFE roof - akin to the Eden project in Cornwall, and helps the natural temperature regulation of the building. 


Benefits of the Street:

  • Flexible event layout to suit your event requirement
  • Free Wi-Fi

For more details please contact us or download the conference and events brochure

Technical Information

  • Capacity
  • Dimensions
  • Electrical
  • Access
  • Misc.
  • Plans


Maximum: 250-300 people


Overall dims 6.49m x 51.36m = 333.33sq.m Poly-line area = 332.68sq.m


  • 240v power sockets located around the venue


  • Car parking
  • Disabled car parking and toilets

Delivering event equipment:

Lift: 90cm width, 210cm height, 140cm depth
Back doors: 200cm width, 260cm height
Auditorium doors: 166cm width, 230cm height


  • Ultra efficient air handling system ensures constant comfortable temperatures whilst limiting the need for heating and air conditioning units
  • Shower and changing room
  • In-house catering – flexible to suit your requirements